RemoteSQL Manager



RemoteSQL server

Adjust the parameters for optimal RemoteSQL performance. Setup RDBMS connection, choose optimal compression factor, load digital certificates and enable encription.



health of your RemoteSQL server

Collect all vital data and present it in a clear simple way. A quick look at the Dashboard will give information about your application's SQL data transfer.



Queries in real time

Analyze the performace of an application by capturing real time SQL commands and data. Valuable statistical data are recorded.


Manage Licenses

of your RemoteSQL servers

Internet activation/deactivation, or manual (key exchange) operation are now easy task with RemoteSQL Manager.


Go Enterprise

monitor multiple instances

Manage, monitor and configure all instances of RemoteSQL servers at a single host with RemoteSQL Manager.


Dig deeper

into SQLite log

Query the SQLite database and collect log data for further analysis.